Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands

Idaho's oldest Land Trust serving the entire state.

Since its beginning in 1972, the Foundation's goals are to promote the acquisition, preservation, conservation and maintenance of open spaces and related ecosystems.  It is organized to cooperate with community groups and governmental units within the state.  The Foundation has been fortunate, in building its track record, to acquire most of its holdings by donation rather than purchase.  A key element in the process is public and private trust and confidence.


  • Seven Devils
  • Barber Pool
  • mountain lake
  • Shoshone Falls
  • Idaho Falls
  • Salmon River near Stanley
  • Winter Wonderland McCall


The Idaho Foundation for Parks & Lands is a statewide public benefit privately funded organization whose mission is to preserve and protect open space lands and unique natural, scenic settings for public benefit through various flexible conservation methods.

sun valley panoramic

give2Land next to Shakespeare Saved from Development and the Restoration and Cleanup Has Begun

The Foundation purchased  the 12 acre parcel next to Barber Pool Conservation Area and Idaho Shakespeare Festival Amphitheater, and is now raising funds for the protection, cleanup and restoration of these 12 acres.  

12 acres before the clean up started

With help from supporters like you, the Foundation, in little over one year, has raised almost 90% of amount needed to retire the debt for this property.  We are close to the finish line for  Phase One and now begins Phase Two which is the cleanup and restoration. 

The Master Plan conceptual drawings for 12 acres are available for review.  The designs were created by Don Belts and consist of Approach A, Approach B and Constraints and Opportunities.  We are always interested in our supporters input.  If you have questions or ideas you would like to share, please send your comments to

MAKE THE MATCH The Foundation has received two donations totaling $55,000 but they are “matching donations” which means we have to raise an equal amount of money. The deadline to make the match is October 31,2015.

By helping us Make the Match, we will turn $55,000 into $110,000.  With a little more help, we can protect and restore this land as part of the Barber Pool Conservation Area.

Help us make the land adjacent to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival beautiful for generations to come.

DEQ Information:

 Barber Ponds - DEQ Overview Presentation  

 DEQ presentation on Class B Biosolids

Bio-solids being moved into wind rows

Bio-solids being moved into wind rows

 Sewage lagoon cleaned out

Sewage lagoon cleaned out